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What is an opinion essay?

An opinion essay is a type of essay in which students have to express their opinions on a topic. Their point of view is supported by relevant examples and justifications. An opinion essay helps you to present and argue your point of view logically. Therefore, you should be clear in expressing your viewpoint.

The opinion essay's basic purpose is to:

  • Support some ideas.
  • Share your thoughts on a particular subject.
  • Describe anything from the perspective of a writer.
  • Describe the causes and relationships of something from the writer's viewpoint.

However, gather sufficient evidence and justifications to support your viewpoint on a given issue. The data you gather is consistent with the arguments you express in the essay. By learning how to write an opinion essay, students can effectively communicate their thoughts about a specific topic, supported by relevant examples and logics. If you find it difficult to express your opinions or have some time constraints, feel free to buy essay from Nerdpapers. 

How does an opinion essay differ from an argumentative essay?

Opinion essays are just one type of essay you might have to write. Different types of essays have different purposes. Let’s discuss their differences. 

Opinion Essay 

It is an essay that supports an opinion with evidence. The main goal of writing an opinion essay is to express the writer's personal point of view. You use logical reasoning and evidence to support your viewpoint. 

In an opinion essay, you start with an introduction that tells your main idea. Then, in the middle part, you explain your ideas and give evidence to support them. Finally, you finish with a conclusion where you repeat your main idea and sum up what you said.

Argumentative Essay

In an argumentative essay, you state a fact. Then, support it with more evidence. The purpose of this essay is to support the argument. These essays heavily rely on factual evidence and logical reasoning. The writing tone is formal in this essay. Understanding how to write an argumentative essay involves thoroughly addressing and refuting opposing arguments to strengthen the writer’s position. 

Opinion Essay Structure

An opinion essay follows the same format as all other essays, including the critical analysis essay. Your essay is useless if the right structure or format is not used. Consider the essay structure or opinion essay template listed below to help you write a strong opinion essay. 



  • Start with the hook statement
  • Respond to the question
  • Share your point of view
  • Give two arguments in support

Paragraph 1 in Body

  • Topic sentence – Outline the first argument in favour of your opinion
  • Explanation – Discuss this concept
  • Example – Give a specific instance or elaborate on the concept

Paragraph 2 in Body

  • Topic sentence – Outline the second argument in favour of your opinion
  • Explanation – Discuss this idea in a clear way
  • Example – Provide an illustration or elaborate on the concept


  • Summarize your point of view and key reasons
  • Restate the thesis statement in the conclusion
  • Leave a lasting impression on the reader

Opinion Essay Topics

There are a plethora of problems or concerns that would make great essay topics. Any issue or subject that keeps you thinking deeply can be the subject of an interesting opinion essay. Your teacher will provide you with a list of topic ideas, or you can think of one on your own.
Here is a list of some popular topics for opinion essays:

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Society: Is It More Harmful or Beneficial?
  2. Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory or Optional?
  3. Is Online Learning More Effective Than Traditional Classroom Learning?
  4. Is Technology Making Us More Connected or More Isolated?
  5. Do CEOs make too much money?

Best Tips for Writing Opinion Essay

The following essay writing tips can help you craft an immaculate opinion essay:

  • Every sentence should start with a topic phrase that sums up the main ideas.
  • Avoid using slang or jargon.
  • Introduce your topic clearly. Moreover, avoid using irrelevant information that does not directly relate to your topic.
  • Use present tense to write an opinion essay.
  • Make sure to maintain a logical sequence between sentences.
  • Your reader must understand what you're writing about.
  • Maintain a formal tone and writing style.

By incorporating these tips, you can improve the clarity and persuasiveness of your opinion, ultimately resulting in a great college essay.

Final Thoughts

An opinion essay assignment requires students to express their thoughts on a specific issue by providing logical justification and examples to support it. Improving your knowledge is a practical strategy to have good opinions. Referring to relevant facts before writing anything is also important. This covers the requirements, definition, themes, and examples of opinion writing essays. This is what transforms novice writers into expert writers.

If you need some help with your personal opinion essay or any kind of paper, contact Nerdpapers. No matter what kind of essay writer you need, an opinion writer or a persuasive essay writer, we have a team of experts. 


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