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Are you staring at the blank paper and trying to come up with persuasive essay topics? Don't worry. We have compiled a list of topics that will help you to get ideas. You have to pick something interesting to write, but you are unaware of it. We understand that it is very difficult to stay motivated when it seems like everything has been said about the subject you're thinking about. You must know how to make your essay unique from the others. 

The good news is that every type of assistance is available at Nerdpapers. We'll discuss why having good persuasive writing topics is important, as well as how to construct an engaging one. Plus, we'll talk about how great delivery takes your essay from good to great. Let’s first discuss how to create the best topic for persuasive essays.

Tips for Choosing Best Topics for a Persuasive Essay

When it comes to writing a persuasive essay, the key is to choose an interesting topic that piques your readers' interest and then do research! That's right – once you've chosen your compelling topic, you need to spend some time delving into the facts and arguments around it.

Tips for Choosing Best Topics for Persuasive Essay

Start by Brainstorming 

Brainstorming can be a great way to come up with the best persuasive essay topics. Take some time to consider what interests you and contemplate current events, or even scan through a newspaper for inspiration. The more effort you put into selecting your topic, the better chance you have of persuading your readers effectively.

Understand your interests

Writing about a topic you are interested in can help you to draft an effective essay. When you write about something that you care about, your enthusiasm assists in convincing the readers.

Narrow Down Your Ideas 

List the topics that you are interested in. After that, evaluate every problem and choose the subjects you believe you can present effectively.

Do Research 

Once you’ve chosen unique persuasive essay topics, make sure that you take the time to do proper research so that your argument is well-informed. Take notes so that when it comes time for writing, you can reference your research quickly and easily. Doing thorough research will also help make sure that your argument is well-supported and relatable to your readers.

The best policy is controversy 

People enjoy reading about controversial subjects. To quell their curiosity, readers are more likely to read the entire essay. 

Examine Various Perspectives 

When searching for sources for your essay, don't limit yourself to just one viewpoint. Doing this allows for a more well-rounded argument and offers more scope for exploring all aspects of the issue.
By brainstorming interesting persuasive essay topics, doing adequate research, and exploring multiple perspectives on an issue, you can create powerful essays that will engage readers!

Understand Your Audience and Gain Their Trust 

Deep research is required to pick a good essay topic. Connect with readers on an emotional level and highlight the benefits of taking your advice if you want them to believe that you are a trustworthy source.

Performing target audience research will help you become more reliable. Think about what is most important to them. What kinds of subjects do they find interesting? Selecting the appropriate niche will enable you to create persuasive essay prompts that are in line with their requirements, passions, and interests.

It's time to start thinking of a title for persuasive essay once you have a better idea of the interests of the audience. The ideas must grab their interest and inspire them to act. Think about issues and current affairs that either directly or indirectly affect them, as well as any advice or solutions you may have. Make sure it's relevant; steer clear of unclear terminology or abstract notions that can leave your readers confused. Select a topic that is both targeted and pertinent. It grabs the reader's interest and makes a genuine connection. You'll have no problem creating strong, convincing essays!

Know Your Argument, Pick a Side

When it comes to persuasive essay ideas, the key is to know your argument and pick a side. To make a reasonable case, it is important to address both sides of an argument. When you have completed your research, decide which side you agree with, and stick to it!

Your persuasive essay titles should reflect your opinion and make it clear what point you intend to make in the paper. It should also catch readers' attention and give them an idea of what lies ahead.

When writing your persuasive essay, think of your readers as decision-makers who are considering multiple angles and opinions before they arrive at their own. This means that within each body paragraph, you should include both sides of the argument as well as evidence to support your point of view or counter arguments against the opposite opinion.

By having a strong thesis and providing critical information backed up by credible sources, you can effectively convince readers on either side of the issue. So remember: start with a clear point of view, research both sides of the issue, and provide convincing evidence!

After you've gone through these filters, you'll have a strong and debatable topic on which to write an essay.

Use Effective Persuasion Techniques

Persuasive writing is all about using effective techniques to make your point, so let's take a look at a few of the most effective ones:

Establish Credibility 

Knowing your audience is key to building credibility. Knowing who they are and catering good persuasive writing topics to them will help get your point across. Consider things like age, gender, and any personal interests they may have when framing your persuasive writing essay topics.
Studies have shown that readers are more likely to trust information that is backed up by reliable sources and facts. Make sure you emphasize the credible sources you use in your writing for maximum effect.

Choose Specific Language 

Keeping your language clear and concise will make it easy for your readers to understand what you're saying. Don't use too much jargon if it isn't necessary; just use simple language that conveys your message without confusing them. Additionally, avoid generalizations. Choose specific examples from trusted sources that prove your point more effectively than sweeping statements would.

Paint A Picture 

If you're writing about climate change, tell a story about how it has affected someone's life or describe what it looks like in vivid detail - this will help readers relate to your cause.
You can create impactful pieces with the right combination of persuasive techniques and interesting persuasive essay topics.

List of Topics to Write a Persuasive Essay 

To help you brainstorm, we've put together a list of possible persuasive essay topics ideas. We have everything, whether you're searching for something funny, provocative, or educational. 
Start by looking over our selection of topics for a persuasive essay below.

Best Persuasive Essay Topics 

  • Do we need to give public libraries additional money?
  • Euthanasia: A Human Right?
  • Is renewable energy dependable?
  • Can we stay anonymous on the internet?
  • Does gender exist only in society?
  • How can college students reduce their debt?
  • Is there a purpose for political discussions?
  • Has the world changed since the 2020 pandemic?
  • Which is preferable, middle school or high school?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School 

The following are the persuasive essay topics for students

  • Should school uniforms be mandatory for students?
  • What advantages come with an extended school day?
  • In what ways may technology enhance the involvement and education of students?
  • Is it necessary for all schools to have equal access to resources?
  • Should all schools provide physical education?
  • How can educational institutions better ready their students for the workforce?
  • Is a student's grade exclusively determined by their success on tests?
  • Should screen time be restricted, or is it not important at all?
  • Should schools have more or less recess time?
  • Do children who participate in after-school activities gain anything from it?
  • Should the cost of school lunches be reduced to make them more affordable for all students?
  • Is there a rationale for allowing cell phone use in the classroom?
  • Should more electives be offered by schools?
  • Is there a good reason why physical education lessons should be compulsory in elementary and middle schools?
  • Can students choose not to participate in standardized testing?
  • Do kids in elementary and intermediate schools currently have too much homework?
  • Should all children, regardless of socioeconomic situation, receive free breakfast and lunch at school?
  • Should sixth-grade classes engage in additional outside activities and field trips?
  • Should there be more technology available to pupils in the classroom?

High School Persuasive Essay Topics 

Here is a list of persuasive essay topics for high school:

  • Does academic achievement require a strict dress code?
  • Is social media good or bad for teenagers?
  • Should students be able to evaluate their instructors?
  • Is it appropriate to ban cell phones in classrooms?
  • Do competitive sports make a student's education more well rounded?
  • Are extracurricular activities necessary for a student's development after school?
  • Should students have the option of selecting their own classes?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Adults 

  • The Significance of Mental Health Days at Workplace: Make the case that permitting employees to take mental health days is essential for their general well-being and productivity.
  • A Plant-Based Diet's Advantages: Convince readers of the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet for their health and the environment.
  • The Impact of Media on Body Image: Look at how the media can make us feel about our bodies and self-worth. Encourage more positive and true representations.
  • All-inclusive Healthcare: Talk about the benefits and drawbacks of establishing a national healthcare program in your nation.
  • The Impact of Technology on Education: Analyze how technology is affecting education and make a case for or against its effects.

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics  

Here are a few easy topics for a persuasive essay:

  • Discuss the ethical, legal, and societal implications of the death penalty.
  • Vaccination: Good or Bad? Talk about the good and not-so-good sides of getting vaccinated. Also, share thoughts on whether everyone should be required to get vaccines.
  • Should Some Things Stay Quiet? Explore if there are things in movies, art, or media that should be kept away from the public. Discuss the reasons people might want to stop some things from being shown or said.
  • Privacy vs. Safety; Finding the Right Mix: Look at how much of our personal information we should share for safety reasons. Discuss the balance between keeping our lives private and making sure the country stays safe, especially with new technologies watching us.
  • Should all states reintroduce the death penalty?
  • Do we need tougher gun control legislation?
  • Is there a real threat from global warming?
  • Are children's vaccinations safe?
  • Should sexual education be required in schools?
  • Is it necessary to outlaw animal testing?

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics  

Fun essay topics can easily engage the reader when you present your arguments. Here are some ideas:
The Advantages of Napping: Convince readers that nap during the day can increase well being and productivity.
Computer Games Improve Cognitive Abilities: Make the case that playing video games improves one's capacity for thought and problem solving.
Pizza Should Include Pineapples: Make a case for the debatable pizza topping of pineapple and explain why it works well together.
Pets Should Have Accounts on Social Media: Convince readers that making pet related social media profiles is a fun and interesting idea.
Why Weekends Should Be More Lengthy: Make the case for three day weekends by emphasizing the possible advantages of maintaining a healthy work life balance.
Cartoons Aren't Only for Kids: Make the case that watching cartoons can be a good way for adults to relax and have fun.
The Importance of Funny Animal Videos: Convince readers that mental health benefits from watching amusing cat videos on the internet.
Reasons To Teach Everyone a Magic Trick: Make an argument for the psychological and social advantages of learning and using magic tricks.

Helpful Tips for Writing a Compelling Persuasive Essay 

It is difficult to write a strong persuasive essay, regardless of your academic level. Fortunately, you can write an essay that will grab readers' attention by using a few simple tips.  These six suggestions will assist you in writing an engaging essay:

Helpful Tips for Writing a Compelling Persuasive Essay

Pick Your Topic Carefully 

You should select a relevant and engaging topic for your audience. Make sure you are passionate about it and are able to convey it logically and convincingly.

Conduct Detailed Research 

Make as much research as you can on your topic before you start writing your essay. so that you can fairly and carefully present both sides of the argument.

Recognize Your Audience 

Think about the readers' interests and who will be reading your persuasive essay before you start writing. This will assist you in writing in a language that they can understand and guarantee that your arguments make sense to them.

Employ logical reasoning 

To be convincing, one must present logical and strong arguments. You should make sure you support your arguments with facts, figures, as well as other additional evidence.

Carefully Plan Your Essay 

A good persuasive essay must be structured well. Separate your essay into three parts such as an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  You should pay close attention to the structure of your essay. A good structure will help you to make your points more effectively.

You can also learn “ how to write a persuasive essay” with the help of our guide.

Make it Compelling 

An essay that is persuasive and captivating will hold the interest of your readers from start to finish. Make your essay interesting and compelling using a variety of strategies, such as analogies, examples, and convincing language.

We hope our extensive list of topics inspires you. Choose an interesting topic and get to work on it. You can write an essay that will impress your professor if you follow these incredible pointers and techniques.

Still unsure about how to write the ideal essay? Alright, let us handle it. To achieve your goals, our essay writing service assists you in structuring your argument as effectively as possible. Avoid becoming overly stressed out by the procedure! Have faith in our qualified persuasive essay writer. Take advantage of our persuasive essay writing service to elevate your writing and get guidance along the way.


To sum up, if you’re looking to write a persuasive essay, then pick a topic that interests both yourself and your audience - brainstorm ideas, invest time in research, and ensure your argument is backed up with facts!
Having good persuasive essay topics to engage and persuade your readers is an important part of an effective essay. With the right topic and a bit of practice, you’ll be crafting arguments like a pro in no time. 

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