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Similar to the other types of essays, opinion essay structure also follows the same pattern of essays i.e., introduction, main body, and conclusion. However, some of us don’t know how to write an opinion essay and how it differs from the other types of Essay Writing. 

Writing an opinion essay requires you to do in-depth brainstorming on a given topic and create your opinions. 

After that, you can do research and gather all the relevant arguments, reasons, evidence, and examples to support your viewpoint. Below are a few tips that can work for you in writing an opinion essay: 

Tips for Writing a Perfect Opinion Essay

1. Understand What an Opinion Essay is

Before you get to know how to write an opinion essay, make sure that you better understand the opinion essay. Most students confuse an opinion essay with a persuasive essay. However, they both are different from each other. 

The key difference between these types of essays is their purpose. The purpose of an opinion essay is to present the opinion of the writer. The author puts forward his/her opinion in the essay and advocates it through facts, evidence, proofs, and examples. The purpose of the writer is not to persuade the reader. 

On the contrary, the purpose of the persuasive essay is to convince the reader through the opinions of the writer. The writer uses reasons, logic, evidence, and examples  to convince the reader to agree with his/her viewpoint. 

2. Get Hold of the Topic and Brainstorm

Once you are clear about an opinion essay, the next thing you need to understand is the topic of the essay. Most of the time the teachers assign the topic of the essay, but sometimes it is up to the student to choose the topic. Therefore, you must be careful while selecting the topic and must keep a few things in mind. 

Try to choose a topic that goes with your area of  interest. You may choose between a general topic or a specific one to present your opinion. You can visit Nerdpapers.com to get an idea and examples of an opinion essay topic and opinion essay format. 

After you confirm the topic, you are set to do a brainstorming drill.  All you need to do is to think about all the  ideas, opinions, and arguments that come into your mind and are relevant to the subject. 

After this, jot down these ideas and try to create a link among them. Exclude those ideas that are tricky to handle and focus on those that are per your interest. You can also use the mind mapping  technique to get more ideas and opinions and build a connection among them. 

3. Make an Outline of your Essay

If you give a direct start to their essay without outlining, you are prone to get stuck  later. Essay writing becomes easy when you outline the essay before writing it. It keeps you on track and tells you about the organization of your ideas in the essay. 

You can outline your essay and follow it while writing. Write all the important ideas at the beginning of the outline in the form of headings. These are the points that you are supposed to cover in the initial section of your essay. You can also create sub ideas out of these main ideas.

After the main ideas, write the less important ideas that you want to cover in the later section of the essay. You can make  changes to your outline while writing the essay. You can add new points that pop up in your mind  while writing. You can also delete those ideas that you find difficult to write.

4. Develop a Clear Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is important in essay writing because it tells about the purpose of the essay. It keeps the writer focused and does not let him deviate from the subject. Your thesis statement should be in the introduction (mostly at the end of the introduction) and must have the following two things: 

1. The topic of the essay 

2. The aim of the essay

5. Write the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

Once you have  developed the outline and the thesis statement of your opinion essay, you are all set to start writing the essay. 

The first section of the essay is its introduction in which you introduce the topic. Try to catch the attention of the reader in this section by making it  interesting. The introduction should explain the subject of your essay and its purpose to the audience. Also, it should have the thesis statement at the end. 

After the introduction comes the body of your opinion essay in which you present your opinions and support them through facts, evidence, proofs, and examples. You cover all the important points of the outline in this section. 

Try to organize each opinion in a different paragraph and build a connection among different paragraphs. 

The body of your opinion essay is followed by its conclusion. The conclusion summarizes all the views and opinions of the writer that s/he expresses in the body of the essay. 

The concluding section should also revise the thesis statement, but in a different way to avoid repetition. Also, the final part of the conclusion should address that the writer has achieved the objective of the essay that s/he mentions in the thesis statement. 

6. Write your Essay in Clear Paragraphs

Paragraphs are important in the construction of an essay. Therefore, try to write the whole essay in paragraphs that can clearly articulate your ideas and opinions. Each paragraph must start with the topic sentence and include a whole idea in its body. 

Try not to write about the pros and cons or advantages or disadvantages of something. 

While writing the paragraphs, one must develop cohesion and coherence among them. The last line of the preceding paragraph must have a link with the first line of the succeeding paragraph. Furthermore, you can also insert linking words and phrases in your writing to maintain coherence and cohesion. 

7. Adopt a Formal Style of Writing

As an opinion essay is an academic piece of writing, therefore it should follow a formal writing style. Your sentences should be clear and illustrative of your opinions. Do not use colloquial expressions. 

Furthermore, avoid using contracted forms of words and emotive language. If you want to get more information on how to write an opinion essay, visit Nerdpapers.com. 

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