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What is an Argumentative Essay?

In schools and colleges, we come across writing different types of academic essays. One of them is the argumentative essay. This type of essay aims to build a stance on a particular matter through logic and supporting evidence.

In an argumentative essay, the writer investigates the topic, collects and assesses the supporting evidence, and builds his/her stance on that topic.

Qualities of a Good Argumentative Essay

A good argumentative essay should have the following:

  • A convincing topic
  • A clear and strong thesis statement
  • Logical reasoning
  • Supporting evidence and examples

If you want to write a good argumentative essay, you should find a topic that engages the reader. Also, it should explain all the aspects of the issue to the reader. A well-written argumentative essay also includes counterarguments and suggests new perspectives to the reader. 

How to Write an Argumentative Essay? 

To those who want to know how to write an argumentative essay, we present you with the following simple steps: 

  • Select a topic for your essay 
  • Develop a clear thesis statement 
  • Research out ideas and information 
  • Organize your ideas and findings 
  • Draft an outline of your essay and write it 

Students these days are burdened with assignments and term papers. Under this academic pressure, they find it difficult to manage time for each of their assignments. Moreover, essay writing seems to them a boring task. In such a case, many students resort to hiring an online essay writer to share their burdens. 

Many websites offer their essay writing services to customers. However, hiring an online writer is precarious because it puts both your grades and money at risk. Therefore, this article suggests some points to consider before hiring an argumentative essay writer online.

1. Search Out Different Essay Writing Websites

To find a good essay writer online, you should search for as many websites as possible. Be careful of fake websites that make money by risking the grades of the students.

While searching out the websites, collect all the necessary information about them through comments and ranking. 

Through searching, you will find some good websites. Shortlist those who you think are reliable. Open the shortlisted websites one by one and check their services and content. It will help you find the one that is most suitable for you.

2. Check Out the Ratings and Reviews 

One way to reach the best essay writers is to examine the reviews and ratings of their websites. If the website that you choose has good reviews, go for it. Otherwise, check the reviews of the other websites on your list. 

You can also judge any essay writing website by reading public comments or contacting any past customer. It will help you figure out whether the website offers good argumentative essay writers. Also, check how google ranks the website and select the one with the high ranking.

3. Look Up the Offered Services 

After checking out the reviews, read about the essay writing services of the websites. You can contact the regular clients of the company to know about its offered services. Some good writing websites offer proofreading and editing along with essay writing. Thus, go for the website whose services you find suitable. 

Moreover, check out the charges of that company for its essay writing services. If the writer demands an affordable rate for your content, hire that writer.

4. Find Out the Qualification and Expertise of the Writers

The qualification and skills of the writers matter a lot when you hire them for your essay writing. Inquire about the qualification and experience of the writers before hiring. Choose the one who is well-qualified and has enough experience in writing argumentative essays.

To make it easier, you can check the samples of the writers for your satisfaction. A good argumentative essay writer should know how to present an argument and support it through evidence. He should have a persuasive writing expression and should create an argumentative essay. Make sure the writer you are hiring has all of these qualities.

5. Check the Quality of Content and its Delivery 

You can read through the sample essays of the writer to assess the content quality. The teachers grade the assignments of the students based on their content quality. Thus, the writer should prefer the quality of the essay to its quantity. It is useless to hire an online writer if she fails to produce an argumentative essay of high quality.

The quality of an argumentative essay is based on arguments, logical reasoning, supporting evidence, and relevant examples. Therefore, make sure that the writer includes all of these features in the essay and creates non-plagiarized content. 

Furthermore, communicate the deadline with the writer and ensure the delivery on time. Try to get your essay before the deadline so that you make changes in time.

Best Argumentative Essay Writers 

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