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Writing a persuasive essay is all you need to know? A persuasive essay is similar to what we often find ourselves doing; debate. Debating on who’s the best, or the worst. An excellent persuasive essay is impossible without you carrying out in-depth research on your topic and exploring all the different and necessary points that could help you build an argument.


I know you are here for the tips and tricks that can help you be the best persuasive essay writer, but there’s something that you are missing; persuasive essay topics. You might feel that topics are not that important or you can write about any persuasive essay topics if you know the structure, but that is not the case with these essays. You can have an average persuasive essay structure understanding but still manage to convince the reader if only you choose the topic wisely! 

PERSUASIVE ESSAY TOPICS – How to choose one for you?

Here is a quick checklist of what points you need to have in mind before finalizing a topic;

  1. Have an opinion: The chances of failure when writing a persuasive essay about something you have no opinion about are very high. Suppose a doctor is asked to write about legalizing the use of marijuana for teenagers. Despite the effort, this doctor may put into researching the topic, an average educated person who’s passionate about the cause may write a better essay. So, choose something that you have opinions about. 

  2. Know the other side: You will end up writing a poor to mediocre essay if you only know about your side and not the opposition. You must know why the other side disagrees with you to properly gather information to counter their concerns. 

  3. Make the call: Your essay must reflect why the readers should agree with you and do something about the cause you are writing in favor or in opposition of. Writing a persuasive essay on legalizing the use of marijuana in teenagers should contain all the reasons why your opposite party should take action.


Before we dive into the secret tricks expert persuasive essay writers use to create their masterpieces, let us break down the entire process into the following sections; 

Prewriting for the essay

Once you choose the topic you are writing about, start prewriting the things you will discuss. This should include your stance, the audience that will oppose/agree to it, relevant arguments for both sides, and evidence. While it’s better to have as much evidence as you can, it is necessary that you prioritize the stronger ones and research more about them. Once you are done with all the brainstorming, move on to the next big step! 

Persuasive essay outline/Making the perfect draft 

Your thoughts at this point are all scattered, and we are definitely not letting you write a persuasive essay in such a way. So, gather all the persuasive essay ideas and distribute them into different sections of the essay. 

Start off with the “hook” to grab attention. Set the tonality according to the audience you are targeting, and then give an overview of the topic. A genius way to start your essay is by telling the audience why the topic needs to be discussed. Once that’s done, end your introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, with 100% clarity about your position. 

Now, start bringing in evidence with sufficient supporting details. Note that the readers will only read your essay till the end if it’s easy to understand, so ensure that you state every piece of evidence separately and expand accordingly. 

After that, you want to talk about the opposing side and address their concerns. Ensure that you give them every reason to agree with your stance. 

Lastly, conclude the essay as you reinforce (don’t restate everything, it’s boring) the statement and leave the readers with a thought to ponder upon. 

Revise, edit, and publish!

If you think revising/editing isn’t a necessary step, think about going to a fancy restaurant and ending up getting ungarnished food served. How would it make you feel? Not fancy, for sure. Proofreading is that garnish that will ensure that your readers don’t find any errors, unnecessary details, and other such stuff. Once everything is done, publish/submit it and wait for the people to give you the biggest round of applause for writing the masterpiece. 

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