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Through the force of conviction, persuasive essays have the amazing capacity to change people's thoughts. Through their strong arguments and convincing data, these writings hope to persuade readers to change their minds or act. We examine how good persuasive essay writers successfully convey their ideas, captivate readers emotionally, and build strong arguments by providing persuasive essay examples.
These persuasive argumentative essay examples are inspirational lights that show the persuasive strategies used to captivate viewers and enable them to accept fresh viewpoints. For those seeking guidance on how to write a persuasive essay, these examples provide a valuable learning tool. Are you ready to learn the transforming power of a well-written essay? Let’s get started!

How to Start a Persuasive Essay Example?

Before moving to complete the persuasive essay first we will discuss the persuasive essay introduction example.

Topic: Assessment of AI in Education

Artificial intelligence's (AI) emergence has completely changed how we study and educate. AI can give administrators, teachers, and students new chances by automating repetitive chores, enhancing resource availability, and producing more interesting content. In order to evaluate its place in the educational system, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it might transform education. In addition, we will discuss potential obstacles and responsible and moral use of AI in education.

How to End a Persuasive Essay?

After learning how to write an introduction for a persuasive essay, it is crucial to understand how to end it effectively. Let’s have a look at the example of a good persuasive essay conclusion.

Television did not cause violence. There is a clear link between TV and crime among teens and young adults, but we should be careful not to draw the wrong conclusions from this. Children can be hurt and even go through gross things if TV is their only source of entertainment and they don't have any other activities going on around it. But TV doesn't corrupt kids on its own; that process starts earlier and is sped up by the things that make TV the child's protector and moral judge, which are jobs that TV isn't even remotely good at. You can tell that TV isn't trying to be everyone's babysitter because kids' shows don't get much attention or money. It is sad and dangerous that it turns into one, but TV is not to blame for that development.

Now, it’s time to explore complete persuasive essay examples on a range of persuasive essay topics.

Good Persuasive Essay Examples for Students

Learning how to effectively express your opinions is mostly dependent on persuasive essays. A persuasive essay needs solid proof to support its points.
Explore some of the best persuasive essay samples. These examples will definitely clarify your goal for writing your essay.

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Persuasive Essay Examples for 6th Grade Students

Topic: Lessons to Learn

She walks across the court. She has a drop of sweat on her face. This is how she feels when she works hard. Teenagers can learn a lot of useful things through sports that can really help them. You can learn work ethic, duty, teamwork, leadership, passion, success, and failure through sports, and you can use these skills in many ways throughout your life.

Sports teach people to work hard. Every day during the week, and maybe even some weekends, there is practice for sports. This teaches the athletes that hard work and commitment are needed to reach their goals. You get better with practice. It's also true in the classroom. It takes a lot of hard work to get good grades and finish school.

Being responsible is important in both school and sports. Athletes have to be responsible and go to all of their training. If an athlete gets hurt, they need to be responsible enough to tell their teacher and take the right steps to get better. Trust is also important in the school setting. Every student has to do their work right and submit it in on time. If a student doesn't comprehend an assignment, they must either ask a question or visit the teacher before or after school time for more assistance.

In most games, you can't win without working together as a team. To be successful, the whole team has to work together. It's also true in the classroom. For students who don't get along with others, it can be hard with teachers and other students. It's very important to be able to work with other people in group labs, study groups, and other situations. Everyone must be able to work together at work. If a student can't work with others, they will have problems their whole lives.

Everyone in charge of a team always gets together before a game to go over the rules of the sport. The captain ensures team members follow these guidelines. If there are any questions, the captain should ask the judges. This helps people become leaders. Every class needs a great leader—someone who is ready to help other students, answer teachers' questions, set up study groups, and encourage good behavior.
There are a lot of players who love what they do. They love to win and hate to lose. Moreover, they might let themselves and their friends down if they don't work hard. Sports teach them that they have to give everything they have, no matter what. They have to do their best in every game and task.

Athletes feel good about themselves when they win a game; all their hard work pays off. Everybody wants to do well, and sports teach players that they have to work hard to get results like a win or a good grade. Every player knows how it feels to lose a game. This shows them that there are hard times in every part of life. Things don't always go as planned. It's important to be able to fix your mistakes and do better next time. Some students get bad grades on their work, but the most important thing is to figure out what went wrong and do it right next time.

Some people would say that sports focus on the wrong things, but players might not learn some very useful skills that they will use all their lives if they don't play sports. It is not possible to teach the skills that players learn through sports, but they can be used in the classroom.
She wipes her sweat off as she runs down the court. She knows that the most important thing is that she tried her best, not how the game turned out. Sports have taught her how to be responsible, work as a team, be a leader, follow her interests, be successful, and fail. You should learn all of these things for school and for work outside of school.

Persuasive Essay Examples for Grade 10

Topic: Do college degrees really matter for success in life?

For many years, there has been a continuing discussion about whether a college degree is required for success in life. On the one hand, some contend that obtaining a college education is necessary to fulfil one's potential both personally and professionally. Conversely, there exist proponents who contend that a person's degree does not always determine their level of success or their potential for achievement. In the end, a college degree gives people many options and benefits to help them achieve their goals, even while it does not ensure success.
Higher employment opportunities are available to those with college degrees than to those without. Research indicates that college graduates have a far lower unemployment rate than those without a degree.
The unemployment rate for those with a bachelor's degree is 2.1%, while the rate for those without a college degree is 3.7%, according to the National Centre for Education Statistics.
Moreover, persons with a bachelor's degree earn approximately $46,000 more yearly than those without one, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. College graduates can also frequently command better earnings than their non-degree peers. Additionally, college graduates typically fare better and remain employed for longer lengths of time than their peers without degrees, particularly in competitive job markets during economic downturns.
Additionally, having a degree gives one access to professional and social networks that someone without one would not be able to join. Students typically have more possibilities to form relationships both inside and outside of college. Having these contacts can be very helpful while looking for work or even launching a business. In terms of employment possibilities, graduates are also more likely to have superior training than non-graduates for particular industries and vocations.
The degree of schooling attained also reflects positively on a person's devotion to and commitment to their chosen job path. College degrees are generally associated with higher hiring rates, particularly when combined with other credentials like professional certifications or job experience. This is because the college degree attests to the applicant's dependability and substantial time and effort engaged in their professional growth. A degree is evidence of intellect, but it also shows that a person is driven and prepared to put in the effort necessary to achieve.
College degrees can be very helpful and open up a lot of options for people, but they are by no means a necessary or guaranteed ingredient for success in the modern world. A higher education gives people more choice over their destiny and opens avenues that would otherwise remain closed. To put it succinctly, the likelihood of both personal and professional success may rise with a college degree.
In conclusion, pursuing a higher education is a decision that should not be made hastily, but for those who are prepared to put in the required effort, there are several benefits. A college degree can improve one's chances and give access to more options that would not be possible without one, even though it does not ensure success in life. Having a college degree should be taken into consideration when attempting to succeed in life, as it is a crucial component of both professional and personal growth.

Higher School Persuasive Essay Examples

Here is an example of persuasive essay used in higher schools.

Topic: Mental Health Awareness Importance in Today’s Society

Social issues like mental health are significant today. It changes everything about our lives, from our relationships to our jobs to our general health. Awareness about mental health is growing because we know that people need to be able to spot their own mental health problems and get help when they need it.

When an individual is mentally healthy, they are able to "recognize his or her abilities, deal with the everyday challenges of life, work productively and make a contribution to their community," according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It's a shame that mental health problems are becoming more popular in our society.
 About 20% of adults in the US will have an anxiety condition at some point in their lives, making them the most common type of mental health problem. Also, sadness affects about 18% of adults in the US every year and is one of the main reasons people become disabled around the world.

It's very important to bring attention to mental health problems and help people who may be having a hard time, as these numbers show. Being aware of mental health issues can help people spot the signs that they are having trouble controlling their emotions or are feeling stressed out, which makes them more likely to get help before small problems get worse. A person can also take better care of their own mental health by getting education and training on subjects like dealing with stress, having healthy relationships, communication skills, and self-care.
Raising understanding about mental illness can help remove the shame associated with it while also giving people the tools they need to recognize and deal with their problems. People with mental health problems often don't get help or talk about their problems because they are afraid of being judged or treated badly. For people with mental health problems to feel safe getting services and help, it's important to make sure that everyone understands and accepts them.
Getting more people to know about mental health helps not only individuals but also our whole society. Getting rid of mental illness in people lowers symptoms that affect important parts of life like health, relationships, work efficiency, and social interactions. In the end, this makes the community stronger because everyone can get the help they need to take better care of their mental health.
In conclusion, being aware of mental health is an important part of modern life. It helps people figure out what's wrong and get help, takes away the shame surrounding mental illness, and helps our whole community. To make society healthier and happier, it is crucial for everyone to understand how important it is to be aware of mental health.

College Level Persuasive Essay Examples

Days with snow! When you wake up to a winter wonderland that makes you wish school was cancelled, there is no greater joy in the world.
Not anymore, since some schools are getting rid of snow days. Some school districts think that since remote learning has worked so well, they might as well keep those tools on hand in case kids can't make it to school. For example, if it snows too much children won’t attend the school physically but they are still able to attend their class mentally.
Why? Because it's good for the kids, that's the reason given. The people in charge say that every day of school is important to keep kids from falling behind because they don't want them to miss any lessons.
But not all of them agree. The hashtag #SaveSnowDays could even be on its way to protect the custom.
Should we stop snow days? I think not. We shouldn't take away from kids the experience of lying awake on a cold winter night, not wanting or able to face the next day, and then seeing thin clouds on the horizon, giving them faint hope. And when the snow day does happen, it's the best way to go from bad to good because you get to enjoy the three joys of snow, freedom, and not having to do something you really shouldn't have.
As a child, you can only feel this much happiness for a certain number of days. However, there are school officials who say that the number of days will never end.
I worry that this trend of calling off snow days will spread. Because the school system is so focused on having efficient groups and bureaucracies, all the boxes must be checked, all the percentages must be maxed out, and all the attendance cards must be punched. All of that gets in the way on snow days.
So, the system has chosen to cancel snow days because it is the worst kind of evil.
It's not always about speed; I'm going to say it right now. I don't mean to be rude, but I have to ask, "Do we really need to maximize the performances of children?"
School Administrators who want to cancel snow days should have to change their minds as soon as possible. It is just as educational to play outside as it is to learn about events that happened 300 years ago in English history. Or learning how to change the form of verbs.

We can't hold kids to the same insanely high standards of productivity that adults do. But it seems like managers are in a race to see who can improve school "KPIs" by calling off days of school, even if something small blocks their way. I don't think this can happen.

Persuasive Essay Examples: Different Formats

There exist several formats for persuasive essay writing. The MLA, APA, and Chicago styles are a few instances of persuasive essay formats.
Examining persuasive essay outline samples for each style will help you to recognize their distinctions and commonalities. You will then understand how to properly format your persuasive essay.

persuasive essay format

3 Paragraphs Essay

Topic: Advantages of Foreign Language Learning

One's life is greatly enhanced by learning a foreign language. Being multilingual has several benefits whether one is doing so for personal, professional, or academic reasons. Learning a second language offers, above all, the chance to access information in that language. Moreover, this can lead to greater employment options because bilingual workers are valued by many businesses for their additional skill set. Communicating with individuals from many backgrounds can be quite helpful at work.
A foreign language study has also been associated with enhanced cognitive abilities, including multitasking and problem-solving. It is believed that being bilingual can improve memory recall and focus as well as possibly aid ward against age-related illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer's. It was also discovered that bilinguals have higher IQs than monolinguals.
Finally, there are innumerable advantages to learning a foreign language that can improve one's life in both personal and professional contexts. Increased cognitive capacities, better IQs, and even career possibilities follow from having more access to knowledge. Moreover, everyone should consequently seize the chance to learn a new language. By doing this, a universe of opportunity can be created.

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Examples

Below is the persuasive essay example 5 paragraphs.

Topic: High school sports

There are many student-athletes in the world who might have a bright career one day. There are a lot of adult-like duties that come with being a student-athlete. High school is when they are getting closer to being on their own. It is an honor, not a right, to participate in the sport you love or go to whatever college you want to in high school. That means that your grades are more important than anything else you want to do at high school. Someone won't be able to play that sport if they can't get it together and do their work in class.
To be honest, I think that what I call the "grades before play" policy really helps high school kids do well in school. Students should work harder and keep their heads down because they know that if their numbers aren't where they should be, they need to be. A lot of schools are becoming stricter about suspending players for events or for a certain amount of time if their grades aren't where they need to be at the grade check point. People who play sports would not want to get banned from the sport they love if they are serious about it. They would rather do it in the classroom.
People who mess up on their schoolwork shouldn't get extra time off, no matter how good they are at sports. There are many more important things in these kids' lives than a few touchdowns, baskets, or even spikes and swings. It doesn't matter what they did in high school if their GPA is low. By year's end, no college will accept a high school senior with a low GPA. To make a teacher believe that the same thing won't happen in college, what will the student do that got him suspended in high school? These schools don't want to spend a lot of time on someone who will soon let them down.
Athletes should want to be known as more than just athletes. They should want to be known as "all around" school athletes. In sports, an all-around player can do what their coach wants them to do. In school, they can do what their teacher and coach want them to do. They are letting down not only their coaches but also their friends if they mess up their grades. If a star player couldn't go to an event because they had to do schoolwork, it would hurt fans, coworkers, and coaches more than anything else. Who knows? Maybe everyone in the community will be disappointed if you don't show up to a sports event.
I'm almost sure that if a student is having trouble with their work or needs more time to do it, their teacher will help them. It won't hurt to get help with schoolwork for thirty minutes after exercise. It's much better to miss thirty minutes of practice than to miss a few games or lose playing time. Moreover, students should really think about the importance of their high school grades and what they mean for their future. Sports in high school shouldn't get in the way of kids' schoolwork if they can do it. If so, they ought to simply put a temporary stop to them and assist them in realizing that academic success is a prerequisite for both participating in sports and succeeding in life.

Short Persuasive Essay Examples

Making a strong case doesn't necessarily require lengthy essays. Concise and direct shorter persuasive writings are also possible.
You need not search any more for a short example of persuasive essay! These sample persuasive essays can help you to craft succinct, powerful arguments in fewer words.

Topic: Risk-taking and Making Mistakes are Important in Life.

Making mistakes in life has multiple effects. Some people find out before others. However, it is not our responsibility to fix other people mistakes; they must learn to solve their own issues and mistakes, just like the rest of us. Life choices determine the positive as well as negative effects of these repercussions. No matter what you choose, it will stay with you throughout your whole life.
For example: first, let's consider about the bad things that would stay with schooling. In order to be successful in life, you need to get an education. This is true whether you want to get a job, go to college, run for office, or get the things you dreamed about when you were a kid. Everything here has to do with schooling. But what good is going to work or college if you don't show up and pay attention? If it doesn't mean anything to a cousin, brother, or friend, you might as well not be worth anything at all. Some kids only go to school to sleep in class or look down their noses at their teachers when they give them an easy task. To make things even worse, they won't even try to go to school or work. This is a great example of how to make your life worse.
On the other hand, getting educated would lead to better work, good college scholarships, and more money. Nowadays, the majority of us are already aware of our life goals. Some want to be doctors, lawyers, or even teachers or famous athletes. That being said, why even bother with any of this if you don't have education? It'd be like having a book with blank pages or a car with no wheels or tyres. That is, I think there is too much ability in the world to waste it. Not everyone got a gift from God.

Simple Persuasive Speech Essay Examples

Here is a sample of a simple persuasive essay example:

An upbeat view of life is something that many people try to have, but it can be hard to keep up. Having this attitude can have huge, long-lasting effects on a person's mental health and well-being as a whole. We'll talk about some of the reasons why having a positive attitude in life is a good thing.
Improving your mental health is one of the main benefits of having a positive view of life. Numerous research studies have shown that people who are more positive are less likely to feel depressed and anxious, and they also handle stressful situations better. Aside from that, they say they are happier generally than people who have more negative outlooks.
Having a positive view on life can’t only enhance your mental health but also your physical health. Moreover, studies show that optimists are more likely to do healthy things like eat well, work out daily, and get enough rest.
Lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases linked to bad habits are caused by this. People who are optimistic about life may even live longer than those who are pessimistic because they will be more likely to start and stick to healthy habits.
Additionally, having a positive attitude in life can also help you do better in school and at work. People with a more positive outlook on life are more likely to believe in their own skills and take chances that could pay off big than people with a more negative outlook. Because they can always see the bright side of things, they may also be better at fixing problems.
Having a positive view on life can help a person in many ways, such as by improving their mental and physical health and their overall success. People should know that this way of thinking is something that needs to be worked on over time with hard work and practice.

Persuasive Essay Examples about Everyday Life

Topic: Why Too Much Television Should Be Avoided?

Most adults and kids have experienced watching television. It is reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible to the common people. TV has developed into a significant mass media worldwide. Regretfully, the best potential use of this resource is not made of it. The aim of this article is to convince the reader that excessive television watching is harmful to people's mental growth, wastes time that could be spent on more productive pursuits and contains uninformative material.
The first argument against excessive television viewing is that many of its shows lack educational value. These days, violent, sexual, and drug scenes can be seen in films, series, and television shows. The viewer now has false beliefs that lead to their unfavourable actions. Children suffer more from this inclination because they are raised in a society where wars are unavoidable, issues can only be resolved with money and violence, and women must be thin and blonde to stand out.
People should avoid watching television excessively for the second reason: it wastes time that may be better spent doing other worthwhile things. Exercise, reading, and socializing with friends and family are all beneficial pursuits that we could do with the time we spend watching TV.
The third reason television use should be limited is that it stunts mental growth. Several scientific studies indicate that extended TV viewing negatively impacts children's intellectual development and, over time, deteriorates older people's mental capacity by resulting in concentration and memory issues.
To sum up, watching too much television is bad for people's mental health, wastes time that could be better spent on other productive pursuits, and has no educational value. Though this does not imply that we should outlaw TV, we should watch it sparingly, if at all. Through proper programme selection and an active and critical approach towards television, we should learn to use it as a resource.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are some examples of persuasive essays?

Ans. Persuasive essays include, for instance, argumentative, opinion, and cause-and-effect essays that clearly articulate a position and back it with pertinent data.

Q2: How can I make my writing more convincing?

Ans. To make your persuasive essay stronger, you should use powerful, clear arguments backed up by proof, give logical reasons for why your point of view is correct, and respond to any opposing views.

Q3: How should I format a persuasive essay?

Ans. It is common for persuasive essays to have five paragraphs: an opening, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Q4:  What is a good persuasive essay?

Ans. A good persuasive essay involves well-researched information and smart word choices to make the writer's point clear and get the reader to agree.

Q5: What should not be in a persuasive essay?

Ans. Avoid being negative. If you "turn them off" or make them mad, people might not read the rest of your case. Stay away from words like unpleasant and awful.

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