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A research paper is a typical academic writing assignment. It offers an in-depth understanding, assessment, and analysis of a specific topic. A strong research paper introduction should be short. Because it builds the framework for the rest of the paper. It also responds to the reader's initial queries and creates a personal effect. 
You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and research papers are no different. How do you get started? Here is the guide on how to write a research paper introduction. But, if you follow the basic guidelines, your research project will succeed and get a good grade.

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What is Research Paper Introduction?

The reader is most likely to read the introduction first because it is the first section of a research paper. It is an essential component of academic writing. It tells the reader about the main topic and the remaining part of the research paper. 

Try to make your research paper introduction exciting. It helps grab the reader's attention from the first line. This will guarantee that readers keep reading and analyzing what you have found.

In your conclusion, state your hypothesis and the anticipated outcomes of your research. The research paper should always begin with an introduction. One of the key components of writing a research paper is learning how to write a research paper introduction. 

Importance of Research Paper Introduction

The introduction has a very great significance in the research paper. It helps the readers in outlining their goals. 

  • A hook in the introduction grabs the reader's attention from the first line.
  • It allows you to stay out of confusion or misunderstanding.
  • We can draw attention to the problem using an introduction section.
  • You can establish a sense of connection with the reader by giving a strong introduction.
  • The beginning part of a research paper is crucial. It allows one to describe the study's purpose on a specific issue.
  • You can use it to illustrate the significance of the research questions.
  • You may make a positive impression on the reader by writing an excellent introduction.

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction?

Following these five steps, you may write a compelling research paper introduction.


Describe Your Topic

To write a research paper introduction, you must first inform the reader about your topic. Additionally, explain the significance and interest of it. You can achieve this by using a strong opening hook. The hook is a strong opening sentence emphasizing the problem's importance. Consider a captivating fact or statistic to grab the audience's interest in your problem. 

Don't think that your hook needs to be very original or eye-catching. But clarity is more important than originality. The two most crucial things are introducing your subject to the reader and outlining your points of view.

Focus on the Rationale

It is the most crucial aspect of your research paper introduction. After you've decided on your topic, it's time to check that it is relevant and gives readers something to think about. The rationale verifies your research paper's importance and your point of view on the topic. Concise justification requires conveying to the reader the importance of your research.

Add Background Information

This part of the introduction differs depending on the approach you are choosing. In the argumentative paper, you'll add some general background information here. But in the empirical paper, this is the section where you can analyze the previous research. You can also find out how yours fit in.

Only add the most relevant background information. Avoid providing too much background information in the introduction. If the reader must understand your research paper, it can add to the body.

Review the Literature

You will need some literature sources to draw upon when creating a statement for the major body. Your argument will support by citations taken from the writings of famous scientists. Even though it may sound a little subjective, don't overlook modern experts who are concerned about the topic or viewpoint you expressed. Thus, the introduction should summarize every aspect of the literature.

Finish with the Outline

The structure of the research paper should outline after the necessary research completion. Not all mentors need a summary of the framework in the introduction section. But students are encouraged to focus on some topics of their upcoming research. It is not necessary to describe every facet of your task in extensive detail. Moreover, it is a brief paragraph that contains three or four sentences. It summarizes your strategy for the whole paper.  

Research Paper Introduction Example

Sometimes, the greatest way to understand how to write a research paper introduction is to examine an example of one. You may also look at some research paper introduction examples to get some inspiration.

Did you realize that 2.3 million Americans are in prison for their crimes? Although it is generally accepted that prison should be the penalty for a crime. Statistics show that 77% of released convicts will commit more offenses. This shows that using prison as a deterrent for crime does not work. In my research paper, I want to show that using prison to deter crime is ineffective. There are better options to consider, like restorative justice and other punishments.

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Effective Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

Here are a few tips that make your research paper introduction accurate and strong.


Define Concepts, Then Explain

Does the writing contain concepts the average reader finds hard to understand? If yes, take your time and be as specific as you can while describing them in your introduction. This covers any jargon or technical terms you think readers should know before reviewing your research results and analysis.

An Opening Quotation

Your goal should be to grab the reader's attention. If you're unsure how to do it, think about choosing a quotation highlighting your topic's key ideas. This will be especially true if you write a social science course essay. The reader will remember this when reading your paper because it will help to paint a picture in their head. Your research paper might contain a striking fact, depending on the topic.

Explain your Research Paper Structure

Readers need not simply understand why and how you want to perform a study. It means that the structure of your content should be outlined in your introduction. Moreover, it will make it simple for a reader to switch back and forth between sections. It also helps to confirm that everything makes sense.

Concluding Remarks

As you can see, if you follow the instructions properly, writing a research paper introduction is not that difficult. But, even talented students struggle to select a compelling research topic and develop a strong argument. If you believe your topic is important, but your professor might not.

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