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Writing a personal statement is one of the crucial steps that help you to get admission to a college or university. Some organizations ask for these statements that show the details of your qualifications. With the help of an excellent statement, you can stand out from thousands of applicants. Additionally, it gives you benefits over other candidates and secures your admission or job. Unfortunately, many undergraduate students don’t know how to write a personal statement. In this blog, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about writing a college personal statement. 

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is like a short essay that reveals something special about you. It consists of your interests, values, background, and future goals. Moreover, it is part of your admission application. The admission committee asked you because they want to know about you. 

Certain statements come with certain queries, like "Tell us about a challenge or failure you've faced" or "Discuss a period of personal growth in your life." Some prompts are more open-ended, effectively asking you to "Tell us about yourself."

Your goal is always the same, regardless of the prompt: to demonstrate to the selection committee why you are an ideal candidate for their program.

A statement can be the following:

  • It can be entertaining. If you have a fantastic sense of humour, It is an excellent chance to showcase it.  
  • It might be weak. Don't be scared to talk about setbacks or difficulties you've faced in life. Being vulnerable can help you come across as a more genuine person rather than just a list of qualifications.  
  • It can be creative. In the style of "a day in the life" descriptions, third-person short stories, and even cooking recipes have helped candidates gain admission to prestigious colleges.

What is the purpose of a personal statement?

It is very important in your college application process. It covers all your qualifications, achievements, and work experiences. Moreover, it gives you a chance to prove that you are a suitable candidate for the applied degree program. It paints your picture for colleges to let them know who you are and what you’ll bring to their college. So, it’s better to explain it in a short story or examples. 

It is an effective way to showcase your abilities and expertise to the admission committee. If your application has a well written statement, it will give you an advantage over the other applicants. Consequently, your application letter will have a firm footing that will increase the chance of you getting the job.  

How to write a personal statement?

When colleges ask for it, students panic because they are unaware of how to write a personal statement. But don’t fret. We will help you by providing useful strategies to compile an excellent statement.

How to write a personal statement

Understand the topic

First, you need to understand the topic clearly. Read the given instructions carefully. Knowing and following the provided guidelines can have a major impact on your selection. These guidelines are not just suggestions. If you do not follow them, it will give the signal that you did not pay proper attention to the details. 

Read the instructions twice or thrice so you can find the hidden clues and goals of the institution. Perform in-depth research about the college to which you are applying. Check out their vision and mission. This will help you to write effectively. Additionally, you have to find the connecting point between you and the organization. Try to figure out what is common in both of you, why you’re the best fit, and how you can complement each other. This is exactly what this statement covers. 


Before starting to write a college personal statement, brainstorm about who you are, what you want, and why you’re applying to this organization. We are aware that these seem like existential inquiries on their own. But you ought to be able to respond to them. This is the stage at which your compelling statement emerges. 

Start by considering your life experience. Think about what you’ve achieved and your extracurricular activities. Identify your strengths and how they are unique from others. What difficulties have you faced to reach here?

If you can simply answer these questions, you may be able to express something through writing. Pay close attention to your life-changing experiences. Identify the moments in your life that have changed you. Generally speaking, admissions committees want to know how you handle challenges. They need this to determine whether you are qualified to attend their university or college.

Try to connect these experiences with your academic goals and how these situations led you to this particular study program. What have you learned that makes you an ideal candidate? By unfolding your personal journey into your chosen path, you are showing to the admissions committee that you are not only a student. You are a unique person who has a captivating story and a specific and clear purpose. A strong statement should prove all this.

Writing the statement

Writing a strong statement is similar to manufacturing art. Each sentence needs to be properly constructed. Choose words carefully. There isn't much room available, so everything needs to be perfectly placed in its designated spot. Let's now examine the document's structure, beginning with the introduction.


Do you know how to start a personal statement? Begin by writing a strong introduction. Similar to the introduction of a newspaper article or book, the introduction is written to get the reader’s attention from the very first line. The same is the case with personal statements. You should grab the committee members' attention from the first paragraph. You can start it with a quote or a catchy phrase that captures your goals or reflects the subject you want to study. After the compelling hook, briefly explain who you are. Then, provide background information, such as age, previous education, and personal traits.  


In body paragraphs, include your claims, give specific details and show that you are the perfect candidate for the program you’re applying for. Share the stories that demonstrate your personal growth as well as character development. These stories can be related to the challenges you have faced and how you overcame them. It also includes the self-discovery moments or the situations that have transformed your life. There is no need to be mysterious; use clear and concise examples. 

If you’re wondering, can someone write my statement for me? Yes, our personal statement writers can compose excellent statements for you that help you stand out among the competition. 


The conclusion of your statement must leave an honest impression of yourself on the admission members. It is the final opportunity to showcase yourself as the best fit for the program. Summarize the points you have discussed in the overall document. In addition to restating your enthusiasm for your chosen field, remind the reader of your accomplishments, strengths, and personal growth path.

We advise you to end your college essay with a forward-looking statement in the final sentence. Discuss your plans for the future and your hopes and objectives, both professional and academic. At Nerdpapers, we always advise you to outline how the program at the college or university fits with your goals.  

One last thing to consider. When writing it, make an effort to keep a storyline that makes sense and flows naturally from beginning to end. The three sections—the introduction, the body, and the conclusion—should not be separated apart. They ought to be written as a single block that is clearly broken up into paragraphs yet still flows naturally from start to finish.

Proofread and Edit

We all make mistakes while writing. You must be careful while writing as it has no room for errors and mistakes. Mistakes do not give a good impression of the candidate. Therefore, after completing your statement, you should recheck it.

Proofreading can eliminate errors and mistakes. You can check the spelling, grammar, relevancy, and specificity. Also, you can edit your statement by adding or removing any piece of information. Writing a personal statement becomes easier if you follow these guidelines. 

Helpful tips on how to write a good personal statement

We have discussed how to write a personal statement. Now, we’ll go through a few tips for personal statement writing.

tips for personal statement

Maintain honesty

Do not copy-paste examples/samples from the internet. Additionally, do not send the same statement to multiple institutions. The admission committee members are highly experienced. They know the insides and outsides of the college's student philosophy very well. Moreover, they can easily identify the plagiarised content and discard it the right way. But if they see that the statements are original, well written and advanced, your chances of admission vault to the top. 

Focused and concise statement

The world is full of words; conciseness can be the real strength. The admission committee members are very busy. They have to review countless personal statements. They don’t have a lot of time to spend on your statement. Additionally, your ability to showcase your story in a concise manner highlights your communication skills. Do not ignore the word count mentioned in the instruction document. Keep your statement focused as well as concise. 

Avoid complex words and cliches

Although a statement's format may vary, boring clichés should always be avoided. Make sure your words convey your true self rather than the person you pretend to be. Use language that is specific to you and your story and is clear and vivid. However, it's never a good idea to use extremely complicated language in statements. It may divert the reader's attention away from what you're saying.

Don't tell, show 

Listing your attributes is not the purpose of personal statements. You must give specific examples. For instance, if you want to discuss determination in your college statement, illustrate it with a story about a moment when you showed your determination. The admissions committee will be more interested in this than in merely reading "I'm very determined."

Comply with the organization's principles

Every college is different, so personal statements for college applications should be different. It is important to show that you are aware of the unique qualities of the college to which you are applying. Look into the mission statement, guiding principles, and academic offerings of the university first.

Therefore, your statement should be in line with the goals and values of this particular college or university. This is another reason you shouldn't apply to multiple universities using the same application. You must show how your own path must coincide with the university's path.

Link past, present and future

Your statement should be detailed. Describe how your background and acquired abilities may become essential to your desired role. Link the Future, Present, and Past. List your special qualities or experiences and reveal how you will be valuable in your chosen field of work. Use strong language to convince the admissions committee members, but don't overdo it. Do not lie and remain logical throughout the statement.

Story of Resilience

Students are frequently asked to recount an instance when they encountered an intellectual challenge and how they responded in interviews. When creating the outline, bear this in mind. The kind of data that the college admissions committee is looking for is this. Giving them some real-life examples right away could prove to be very illuminating for them.

View samples of personal statements of other students

If you're still unsure about how to write a personal statement for college, look for essays that have been successful. Having high-quality premade paper in front of you can be very significant and motivating. But always remember to speak in your own words.

You can follow the rules for writing a strong essay, but the content—achievements, skills, and areas of academic interest—should be unique. There are other options for those who have run out of ideas. For instance, you may think about buying a personal statement online. You will receive an excellently crafted statement. 

Personal Statement Example

Let’s have a look at the simple example:

I'm excited about the chance to do an MBA at Ross School of Business. I've got a good background in BBA, and I've been working in a marketing company
for two years. Now, I want to do an MBA to boost my career. 

During my studies, I've learned how to think critically and handle tough problems. But it was when I worked on Digital Eye that I saw the need to learn more
about business and leadership. I want to understand how to manage teams and deal with the changing business world, which is why I'm interested in the MBA. 

In my job, I've achieved 50 new clients, showing that I can get things done. However, I know that the business world is always changing. That's why I like the
Ross School of Business's MBA program. It focuses on innovation, working together, and seeing things globally – all things important for today's business leaders. 

What I really like about Ross School of Business is not just the smart teachers but also the diverse students. I'm looking forward to talking with people from
different backgrounds, sharing what I know, and learning from them. The hands-on learning, real-life examples, and connections to businesses also match what
I think a good business education should be. 

The MBA at Ross School of Business fits with what I want to do in my career. The special classes in marketing courses will help me become an expert in
marketing and prepare me for the challenges of business industries. Outside of class, I'm excited about joining the football team, YBC etc. It's a chance to
employ what I learn in class in the real world and meet people who share my interests. 

In conclusion, my education and work experience make me a good fit for the MBA program at Ross School of Business. I'm sure that the classes, great teachers, and the chance to work with others at Ross School of Business will help me succeed as a business leader. I'm looking forward to being part of the exciting and enriching environment at Ross School of Business.


Keep in mind that it is more than just a collection of words. It's about your narrative, your goals, and the way you want to tell it to the world. We've covered the essential components of an effective statement, such as remaining true to yourself, maintaining focus, and avoiding clichés.

Provide examples that highlight your strengths. Make sure they align with the school's values, and bring everything together. Display your tenacity and take motivation from the experiences of others. With confidence, write your best personal statement now that you know what to anticipate. It's the first step towards achieving your objectives. Good luck and happy writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the length of a personal statement?

The word count of your statement depends on the program you’re applying for. It is usually specified in the instruction document. If it is not mentioned in the guidelines, then keep your statement between 500 and 800 words. 

Is the personal statement for scholarships different?

Yes, the statement for getting a scholarship is different from the personal statement for a college application. When you write for a scholarship, you need to showcase why you deserve this scholarship. You must understand the mission of the organization that is offering the scholarship. You can hire our scholarship essay writing service to make yourself unique among others. 

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