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Dissertation writing is considered to be a difficult task among the students. It requires time, energy, consistency, hard work, and a lot of research. However, if this task is performed in a series of steps, your dissertation writing journey becomes easier and smoother. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a dissertation writing guide and tell you the simple steps to write your dissertation efficiently. 

What is a Dissertation?

Before going deeper into dissertation writing, you must be clear about what a dissertation is. It is a lengthy piece of writing on a specific subject that a student writes to get his/ her  degree  at a college or university. 

The term dissertation is also used for the final project of the Ph.D. candidates nnecessary to present before they get their doctoral  degree. 

A dissertation is somewhat similar to an essay, but writing it requires more information and in-depth  research. A dissertation adds to the worth of your academic career, whether you are an undergraduate, a  postgraduate, or a doctorate  student. Being a researcher, a dissertation highlights your researching skills and capacity and also raises your CGPA. 

Is Dissertation Similar to Thesis?

Many students can not differentiate between dissertation  and thesis and confuse  both the terms. A dissertation is not similar to a thesis. 

The key difference between both of them is the juncture when the students complete them in their academic  careers. One can write a dissertation at any point in his/her degree, whereas a student writes his/her thesis at the end of the degree and marks the completion  of that degree. 

Another difference is that a thesis forms its basis on existing research . On the contrary, a student writing  a dissertation has to conduct his/her own research and analysis. Furthermore, a dissertation is  lengthier than a thesis. 

Now that you understand what a dissertation is let us teach you the 5 basic steps that can help you efficiently write your dissertation. 

How to Write a Dissertation?

Below are the five simple steps that can help you in easily  writing your dissertation: 

1. Choose a Research Topic and Write a Convincing Research Proposal

You can not start  writing a dissertation if you have not chosen any research topic. Thus, the first step in writing a dissertation is selecting a topic on which you are going to conduct your  research. The topic should be according to your area of interest and should be easy for you to manage while doing your research. 

A good  dissertation topic should be clear enough so that it can tell about the purpose of your research. As discussed before, a dissertation is based on new research. Thus, the topic should be unique, and no one should have researched it before in any context. 

Moreover, try to choose a topic that is significant in that field of study. Your study should fill out the research gap and contribute to that area of study. 

Once you have selected your research topic, the next step is to write a convincing research proposal. The purpose  of the research proposal is to convince the research committee about your research topic and seek their permission to conduct your  research. 

Many a time, the research  committee rejects the topics of the students because the students fail to convince them through their research proposals.  A good research proposal should convey that, 

i. The student has selected a unique and significant topic.

ii. The student will follow a methodology for collecting the data and analyzing it.

iii. The student has done a prior study of the existing research (literature review) in that area.

2. Write a Persuasive Introduction

After you seek the approval of your research proposal, you are all set to start writing your dissertation. The first chapter of the dissertation, i.e., the introduction, should be persuasive enough to convince the reader to read your  dissertation. In writing the introduction, you can take help from the research proposal because a proposal is all about the introduction, literature review, and methodology. 

In an introduction, the researcher is supposed to introduce the subject of his/her research effectively. The  introduction highlights the importance of your research. It sets the scene of your study and has the following main components: 

i. A concise history of the study 

ii.Thesis/problem statement 

iii. Research questions 

iv. Significance of the  study 

3. Carry out a Detailed Literature Review

This stage requires you to deeply study the previous research in your research area and dig out the research gaps. Writing a literature review consists of the following  stages: 

i. Extensive Reading:

Before writing the literature review, you need to collect all the information from past researches. For this, you must go through the existing literature in the form of research articles, books, newspapers, reports,  chapters, etc. By reading the prior research, you will get to know the research gaps that you will fill through your study. 

ii. Writing:

There exists a misconception among the students that a literature review is simply a summary of the past research. This is not completely true because writing a literature review is much more than writing a  summary. In a literature review, a researcher Synthesizes the previous research, rather than summarizing it. 

4. Undertake your Research and Present your Findings

For conducting the research, you must design your research methodology. The methodology tells how the  researcher is going to carry out the research. The methodology includes the following: 

i. Research philosophy

ii. Research design/methodology

iii. Data collection technique

iv. Data analysis technique 

The researcher must put his/her research methodology into action, collect the data and analyze it. After the data analysis, the next step is to present your findings in two chapters, i.e., the analysis chapter and the discussion chapter. 

The analysis chapter includes the results or findings of the experiments or the tests that you have performed. However, the discussion chapter discusses the results and answers your research questions.

5. Conclude your Dissertation and Discuss the Implications

The final step in writing a dissertation is to conclude your research by highlighting the results and implications of your study. The conclusion tells the reader about the key findings of the research and how they address the research questions and research problems. Also, the reader is made aware of the implications of how the research is significant in that field of study. 

Following the aforementioned steps can make your dissertation writing simple and easy. You can visit Nerdspapers.com to get more guidelines about dissertation writing, and you can also enjoy our dissertation services. We can provide you with dissertation writing help and cheap dissertation writing services. You are one click away to avail of our ‘write my dissertation service‘. 


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