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What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a piece of writing that is attached to a document such as a resume or CV. It is for the sake of giving your brief introduction as a future employer to a company.

Most people think that a cover letter is a useless part of the application. However, if you write them well, they speak for yourself, make your application effective, and may convince your employer.

Writing a cover letter seems to be a boring and dreadful task. While writing them, you might be overwhelmed with the thought that it is a pointless thing to write and does not get a read. A cover letter, however, does get a read if you write it effectively. 

Most people do not know how to write a cover letter. Therefore, we present you with a few important things to keep in mind while writing a cover letter.

1.  Make it Simple and Easy to Read 

You may write your cover letter using an extraordinary vocabulary and make your story persuasive, but it will never get the attention of the reader if its looks are unpresentable. To make it look attractive, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

  • Font 

Font size is important in a cover letter. It should not be too large or too small so that it is difficult to read. Your font size should not be less than 12 points. Moreover, the font size that you use in your cover letter should match the one in the resume. 

  • Margins 

Margins also make writing look neat and presentable. Try to set your margins to 1″ or 1½”. 

Your cover letter and the attached document must have the same font size, font style, and font color. Also, try not to overstuff your cover letter with words and maintain enough line spacing. 

2.  Keep your Cover Letter to a Single Page 

As a cover letter is just an introductory part of your application, it should be concise. Moreover, the recruiters are always short of time. They do not have much time to read the multi-page cover letters of each employee. 

Therefore, try to write the required information concisely and keep your cover letter to a single page. A good cover letter should have between 300 to 500 words. Visit Nerdpapers.com to know more about how to write a cover letter. 

3.  Use a Template for your Cover Letter

While writing a cover letter, it is difficult to figure out what information goes where. Here a good template plays its part. It provides you with the sections and spaces to fill in your information. You can also include paragraphs and sections from your own. Thus, a good template gives structure to your writing.

It is not necessary to use the same template for all the cover letters. Thus, try not to use the same template for all the jobs that you apply for. A template that works for

one job may not work for the other. Thus, use a variety of templates. You may visit Nerdpapers.com to see examples of a cover letter template

4. Avoid Writing “To Whom It May Concern” & “Dear Sir/Madam”

While addressing your cover letter, avoid using boring salutations such as “To Whom It May Concern,” “Dear Sir/Madam,” or “Dear Hiring Manager”. Address your cover letter to the hiring manager. You can use the first and last name of the hiring manager and add “Mr.” or “Ms.” to it. 

If you do not know the name of the hiring manager, search it out on the website of company or on LinkedIn. If that does not work, call or email the company’s HR department and ask for the right name. You can also use the name of the head of the department if you cannot find out the name of the hiring manager. 

5.  Try to Quantify your Accomplishments

The cover letter and resume are all about your skills and accomplishments, therefore, you should present hard evidence of your talents and accomplishments in your cover letter to have a deep impact on the reader.

One of the best ways to do so is that you quantify your accomplishments. For example, you can write “improved sales by 20%” rather than “improved sales” only. 

If you do not quantify your accomplishments in your cover letter, it will give create a bad impression on the employer. He would think that the candidate has only done rote tasking without making accomplishments.

Therefore, try to quantify your achievements in your cover letter and you can do so in the following ways. 

  • Through Company Goals 

You can check the analytics or reports developed by your previous department(s) and can measure your contribution whether they are sales, production, customer service, etc. 

  • Through Management 

You can number how many people you have managed, trained, or onboarded in the previous organization(s).

  • Through Miscellaneous 

You can enumerate the clients that you have handled per day, the size of the budgets that you have managed, or the KPIs that you have achieved. 

By keeping the aforementioned guidelines in mind, you can write a persuasive cover letter for your resume. 

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