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Academic writing is compulsory when you are a part of a school, college, or university. You have to write essays, articles, a thesis, journals, literature reviews, term papers, research papers, dissertations, and much more. Different types of essay writing, such as argumentative essay writing, and paper writing, such as research paper writing, all come under this type of writing. 

Like any other piece of writing, it also follows some rules and methods that make it effective. Over time, Its techniques have changed. It is because the old techniques are not as per the new standards and requirements of contemporary academia. 

The purpose of this article is to answer the ‘what is academic writing?’ and how its techniques have changed with time. Before we dig deeper into the old and new techniques of this writing type, let us comprehend ‘what is academic writing?’.

What is Academic Writing?

We come across this question many times, what is academic writing and how does it differ from any other kind of writing? It is defined as a formal piece of writing produced as a part of your academic work.

It differs from any other type of writing because it follows its own rules and regulations. This type of writing has the following features: 

  • It is based on the well-structured and organized ideas 
  • It has evidence and references from the literature that support the ideas Include theories or events on a particular subject and discover explanations for those theories 
  • It sticks to a formal style of writing 
  • It follows the traditional rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Types of Academic Writing 

Below are some types: 

  1. Dissertation 
  2. Essay 
  3. Abstract 
  4. Book Report 
  5. Conference Paper 
  6. Annotated Bibliography 
  7. Academic Journal Article 
  8. Explication 
  9. Literary Criticism 
  10. Research Paper 
  11. Research Proposal 
  12. Textbook 
  13. Thesis 

How have Academic Writing Techniques Changed Over Time?

In the past, the methods to do academic writing were quite strict and rigid. The writers were required to write in a strictly formal language that used complex vocabulary. Also, the targeted audience was very specific and limited due to the formal style of writing.

Furthermore, the style of writing was so dull that it did not grab the reader’s attention. The writers were required to follow such strict guidelines that made them restrictive even at the sentence level. 

Another thing worth considering is that previously there were no writing services for academic purposes(essay writing service, paper writing service, etc.) to help out the students as they are present today. 

In a crux, academic writing in the past had been impenetrable, hard to read, boring, and unappealing. Owing to such difficulties in reading and understanding an academic piece of writing, the old techniques have been challenged. Language specialists have explored new methods of this writing type and have discovered some persuasive writing techniques.

Recent Academic Writing Methods Persuasive Techniques 

Below are the new methods of crafting an academic paper that make it effective and appealing:

1. Adding Creativity 

In the past, writing for academic purposes has been devoid of creativity. At present, however, there is much room for creativity and adding new things to an academic paper. New things may not always work, but something good can come out of them. Adding creativity and a new style of writing makes your writing look new and attractive. 

Thus, it catches the reader’s attention and improves engagement.

2. Less Complex Language 

Unlike the old techniques of academic writing that have used strictly formal and complex language, the new methods promote a less complex language. It is because complex language and vocabulary are understandable to a limited audience. Simple

language helps target a large audience which consequently increases the reader’s engagement.

3. Be Precise 

Previously, academic work has been overly wordy which would cause boredom. There have been long, complicated sentences that are difficult to comprehend in one read. Also, there has been much clustering in writing. Presently, academic writing is precise so that the reader’s attention is not lost in long sentences and paragraphs.

4. Large Audience 

As discussed before, academic papers in the past have targeted a small audience due to their language and style. However, the aim of your writing should be to convey your thoughts to every single reader out there. You can do this by opting for a writing style and expression that does not strictly follow the standards and norms.

5. Organization 

The past techniques of academic writing do not focus much on structuring and organization. A well-organized piece of writing is much more appealing to the reader than one with scattered ideas and sentences. Therefore, an effective technique in this type of writing is giving your ideas an appropriate structure and organization. 

You can add interesting headings and sections and delineate them further. The organization and structure make the writing easy to read and, thus, increases engagement.